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Sthira means steady, solid or stable and connotes stillness and freedom from distraction.
Sukha is pleasure, comfort, ease and happiness.
Asana means seat or posture and denotes intention and deliberateness.

The Chair is Foldable, Portable, Stable, Pleasurable, Comfortable, Durable, Strong, Light Weight, Powder Coated MS Pipe, Denim Washable Cover, High Density 3” Foam Seat, Antahakaran Symbol Printed on White Woolen Cloth, Easy to carry, Export Quality

Rishiraj is here to offer you - A seat that feels good, a seat that makes you feel confident and benevolent, a seat that allows you to sit up and feel grounded at the same time. A seat that provides your body with the right combination of support and comfort, which in turn helps your body to let go and relax. A seat that is so comfortable and convenient, it inspires you to meditate. A seat that is portable and convenient to carry by way of a handle or in a specially designed carry bag outside of your home to your garden, to ashram, to retreat, on vacation, just about anywhere. Rishiraj Yoga Meditation & Puja Chair is Carefully designed to maintain the correct seated posture. It provides support to the spine for proper flow of energy. It is an excellent multi purpose tool to relax and experience peace.